The Mill, Stony Stratford

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  • Lived in Stony Stratford since the age of 7 years now 82 previously New Bradwell where my father and uncle Bill had scrap metal yards one Newport Road other my father opposite the New Inn Bradwell Road E Goodman one scrap metal yard still operating in Bletchley A Goodman Tavistock Street, I know so much about Stony Stratford not generally known of past years going to school at York House school living next door 43 London Road helping recording York House 100 years married a Stony man John Osborne now 87 We lived on Horsefair Green for 31 years now in a bungalow Hawkins Close off the car park Stony Sratford my father was half Romany Gypsy (not Tinker please) have written in my memoir life as it was for the Goodman family find Resevoir Goodman and Edward Goodman in archives New BradwellResevoi a Romany name Rosalie Osborne nee Goodman lots of my cousins still live in Miltn Keynes 29 05 2021

    By Rosalie Osborne (31/05/2021)

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